2804, 2018

CLASS: Wine Component Tasting with Owner/Sommelier Patrick

April 28th, 2018|

Join us for a very special class all about Wine Component Tasting – with Palizo owner and professional sommelier Patrick Mangold-White. What is "Component Tasting"? There are four basic tastes, each of which is perceived on a different part of the tongue: sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Sweet on the tip, sour on the sides, salty in the middle and bitter at the back. Although saltiness is rarely found in wines, the other three are present in varying degrees. Understanding component tasting adds greatly to the understanding of how wine works and helps the taster define some of the basic tastes and aromas found in wine. Useful for beginners and advanced students alike. For the beginner, it launches the journey into sensory training that is one of the great byproducts of enjoying wine. For the experienced wine sampler, an occasional component tasting will sharpen those senses. DETAILS: Saturday 28 [...]

2104, 2018

CLASS FULL: Pasta Making

April 21st, 2018|

We will post our next class soon. Learn how to make your own pasta from our very own Chef Alvaro. We make all our own pasta in-house every day, so we have lots of experience! Students will make two portions of pasta – one portion to take home, and one to enjoy during the class. Please come prepared to have a fun time, as Chef Alvaro does not disappoint! DETAILS: Saturday 21 April 10am to 1pm Cost $65 per person Includes sit-down lunch and glass of sangria RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW! Seats filling up fast Call: 720.379.8595 Email:

703, 2018

SPECIAL EVENT: Tramin Wine Pairing Dinner – March 13th BOOK NOW!

March 7th, 2018|

Tuesday 13th March 6.30pm – join LLS Wine and Palizo Italiano for a stunning Northern Italian three-course dinner with wine pairings from Tramin Winery. This event is by reservation only and will likely sell out. $75 per person plus gratuity & tax Reservations required: (720) 379-8595 Located in the heart of Alto Adige in the town of Termeno on the south side of the Alps, Tramin Winery is a coalition of one of the oldest networks of area farmers. Rich in tradition, Tramin's wines are authentic expressions of a unique terroir, supported by a common philosophy of hard work, dedication, confidence and creativity. See Tramin Website for cool videos of the winery and vineyard. MENU: BAR RECEPTION: Tramin Pinot Blanco Moriz, 2015 Affettati Misti and Forgmaggio boards PRIMI: Tramin Sauvignon Blanc, 2016 Baked "Manicotti" wild mushrooms, ricotta, tarragon, roasted tomatoes, spinach, toasted almonds, conserved lemon béchamel SECONDI: Tramin Lagrein, 2015 [...]