Serragrilli Baile Wine


If you guys haven’t had a chance to taste the Serragrilli Baile yet, you’re missing out. As a freshly awarded winner of the highly allocated ‘Grand Gold Award’ from The United Nations of Fine Wine, you should make a point to do so. Only 91 Grand Gold Awards were allocated world-wide, and boy, does this one deserve it. The nobility and the elegance of Nebbiolo leads to a good body and well-structured wine. Refined for 18 months in French Allier (Central French region along a river which focuses on oak and the wood tends to be tightly grained) medium toasted 500 Lt. Tonneaux (Fancy word for Barrel). Soft tannins, balanced acidity, delicate scents of spices, red currant, and roses make it a perfect wine for dinner tonight, or to lay down and enjoy for years to come. 

Schafer Pennington